Guidelines for Video Chat

You are prohibited from displaying disrespect towards other users by:

  • behaving impolitely or using offensive language
  • employing offensive language or visuals based on nationality, race, or religion
  • engaging in threatening behavior or making direct threats.

You must avoid acting inappropriately by:

  • revealing yourself without proper attire in the chat, especially without showing your face
  • offering virtual intimate interactions
  • using words that may carry inappropriate sexual connotations (e.g., virtue, fool around, etc.)
  • appearing on the chat in underwear or naked
  • displaying your private parts or intimate body areas
  • touching your private parts, even through clothing
  • pointing the camera below your chest (try to maintain your face in the frame)
  • performing any acts that may be considered obscene.

You are not allowed to use images other than your own face by:

  • directing the camera at your monitor, tablet, phone, or TV screen
  • pointing the camera at pictures
  • targeting the camera at a text message
  • utilizing webcam emulators.

Spamming is strictly prohibited, including:

  • sharing images or sending messages of an advertising nature
  • transmitting links in the chat
  • dispatching mass messages
  • requesting video chat visitors to engage in internet activities such as voting, liking, participating in surveys, or visiting websites, etc.

Complaint System

Any visitor to the video chat has the option to submit a complaint against a chat partner. Complaints must include an image of the user and their message, which will be used by moderators to determine whether a ban is warranted. Moderators are available to address complaints 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If a user receives a significant number of complaints for violating video chat rules, they will be automatically banned. A sophisticated reporting system is in place to prevent accidental or unfair bans.

The administrators of the video chat are not responsible for the actions of visitors, but they are dedicated to addressing violators. Given the impracticality of monitoring all infractions in chat roulette, we strongly encourage users to report violators. Your complaints assist us in maintaining a cleaner and better chat environment.

By utilizing video chat, you acknowledge and agree to adhere to our regulations. If you disagree with these rules, you should discontinue using the service.